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Alaska’s salmon resource is the greatest in the world!

It is the one place in the world where the waters are still pristine and rich with the bounty of five species of natural, wild salmon. The cold, rushing rivers, clear lakes, and frigid North Pacific provide the high levels of oxygen needed to sustain these active and aggressive predators.

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Alaska Cod ~ Gadus macrocephalus

Rich in folklore and mild in taste, the cod has created trade upon which cities and nations have been founded. Alaska cod - also known as true cod, gray cod, Pacific cod, or P-cod - is the perfect choice for a healthy diet because it is an excellent source of high-quality protein and essential nutrients.

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Alaska Pollock ~ Theragra chalcogramma

Pollock is the most abundant species of Alaska’s seafood. A member of the cod family, Alaska pollock used to be dismissed as cod’s “poorer cousin” and referred to as tomcod. Today pollock is recognized as a valuable resource in its own right and has become a popular ingredient in many fish products, including surimi, fish sandwiches and many of the numerous varieties of frozen fish fingers or fish portions found at the supermarket.

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Alaska Halibut ~ Hippoglossus stenolepis

Known as the “hippo of the sea”, the halibut native to Alaska’s waters has the distinction of being the largest flatfish in all the world’s oceans. Though smaller varieties exist elsewhere, fishermen in the North Pacific occasionally find impressive specimens over 300 pounds tugging on their lines. Alaska halibut has earned its well-deserved reputation as the world’s premium whitefish and is often referred to as the “steak of seafood”.

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Black Cod ~ Anoplopoma fimbria

Though commonly called black cod, this fish is not actually part of the cod family. Many also refer to it as sablefish because of its black, almost furry skin or butterfish due to its melt-in-your mouth, oil-rich meat, and buttery flavor. The high oil content makes black cod an excellent choice for smoking or grilling as it stays moist and tender. It’s rich succulent texture and flavor is often compared to sea bass.

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Pacific Ocean Perch ~ Sebastes alutus
Dusky Rockfish ~ Sebastes ciliatus
Black Rockfish ~ Sebastes melanops
Northern Rockfish ~ Sebastes polyspinis

Known by many real names and aliases, there are a large variety of fish in the Sebastes family. While we at ISA offer a number of the rockfish harvested from Alaska’s pristine waters, those listed here are but a sampling of the most popular.

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Arrowtooth Flounder ~ Atheresthes stomias
Flathead Sole ~ Hippoglossoides elassodon
Rex Sole ~ Errex zachirus
Northern Rock Sole ~ Lepidopsetta polyxystra
Southern Rock Sole ~ Lepidopsetta bilineata

The sole and flounder are masters of camouflage. Dwelling
along the ocean’s sandy bottom, their light undersides and
dark top sides make them nearly undetectable to most of
their predators in the food chain.

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Certain photographs, illustrations and information provided courtesy of the Alaska Seafood Marketing Institute
International Seafoods  of Alaska, Inc.  |  P. O. Box 2997  |  Kodiak, Alaska  99615, USA